Twitter’s killer app? Real Time Criticism

Yesterday was the excellent Cloudforce Europe event in the less-than-excellent Excel. Like many others who have suffered Death by PowerPoint, I drifted off to Twitter during a couple of the sessions. No worries though, I was not alone and I am reliably informed the tag #Cloudforce was ‘Number One’ on Twitter for about three hours (before the US woke up).

This like other recent events, specifically the TV show The Apprentice and every MCFC game are now Live Tweeted. I believe this is the killer app which Facebook, Linkedin and others need to pay attention to. The ability to share stream-of-consciousness ideas which agree with or counterpoint a broadcast message is new and compelling. It is ever-so-slightly anarchic and that means journalist and analysts love it.

For us marketing folks, it is a worry. The message is now not just one-way, In fact, the genie is so out of the bottle that when your CEO mentions one particular analyst firm exclusively in her keynote you can fully expect that analyst rivals will Tweet disgruntledly. In the end though, this just raises the game. If you put on a great show, packed with innovation, real-life case studies and enthused executives like Salesforce did, you have nothing to fear. Be interesting to see if others bring their ‘A game’ to this new world of live critique.


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