When the Googling gets tougher

Google is still making tons of money in the recession, announcing Q2 revenues up 3% and profits of some $1.48B. It is not alone, thanks to government bailouts, Goldman Sachs seem to be doing alright too, earning more than twice as much as Google did this quarter, despite the recession.

Which industry would you rather be in? If I knew how, I think I would sell bonds right now.

The Search Engine giant, now controversially also in the Operating System market, needs to keep moving. With Microsoft Bing, there are more Search Engines to ‘organically’ point users at content and more will follow. Perhaps recognising this, marketing execs are getting used to spending less on clicks and this is a one-way trend. Why would you pay more, even in a rising market, if the supply goes up and the results are unclear?

The tectonic plates of online marketing, just like investment banking, have shifted. As previously noted, click-throughs, though easy to count, are a poor way to deliver a brand experience and a worse one to guarantee sales. Web-browsing was called browsing for a reason.

As you can see from this recent Google Webinar slide, Google agrees. Accurately describing a journey, where prospective buyers dip in and out of the ‘River of News’ along the traditional Awareness/Preference/Choice journey this is more like the game we marketing folks all need to play.

As the Online marketing industry continues to mature, Positive Marketing has always believed, the role of content creation and online brand-building was never just a question of which Google Analytics ‘jocks’ you choose. What use is a ranking when the quantity of clicks is not the point? Perhaps we should leave the rocket science and number-crunching to Goldman Sachs and put a little art back into attracting customers to brands with quality content.

Feel free to disagree or just share bond tips here or directly at pmaher@positivemarketing.org


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