(PART 3 of 3) Reclaim and Recast content to forge Social Media PR success

In the first part of this blog series, contending that Content is central to online B2B PR for the Social Web, we looked at how decimation of traditional journalism, the rise of free press wires and plateau of SEO all conspired to make B2B PR redundant in the downturn.

In the second post, we looked at why rather than weakening the case for professional media consultants, the need for smart content was making traditional PR skills more important than ever.

So here are five real-life examples of how to use those content-creation and re-assembly skills For The Win in B2B Social Web marketing.

  1. The Case Study reinvented – Case Studies, as we all know, can take an age, some requiring ten or more sequential ‘waterfall’sign-offs. But moving pictures tell a thousand pixels and better yet, once it is ‘in the can’ it cannot be ‘wordsmithed’ by third part corporate PRs. Once embedded onto Web-sites and into slide decks this is some of the best testimony a B2B PR team can bring.
  2. Linkbaiting – Blogs (like this one), White Papers and Webinars should be prose written by pros. But with the speed of media today, no one can wait months for this content or pay tens of thousands of dollars. Who knows best about deadlines? Yep, the PR team.
  3. Slidesharing – Presentations (like our 5 minute pitch) are one of the reasons that customers show up at real-life events and online Webinars but these are also great assets for online PR, especially when combined with Social Media Releases (see 5 below)
  4. Real Time Brand Monitoring – Competitive intelligence and Lead Prospecting has never been easier thanks to tools like Tweetdeck. Some enlightened B2B companies, have even appointed dedicated Social Media Directors, for those with more modest means, there are always enlightened PR agenciesJ
  5. The Press Release reinvented Social Media releases, which can look more like database entries than narratives, have been slow to catch on in Europe. Perceived as useful for pumping Google rankings, B2B PRs who can use this new format will likely prosper.

With all this change come Social Media opportunities for what was once called B2B PR to grow as a discipline. As the legendary UK-based founder of Mega VCs, Apax Partners, Ronald Cohen, asserts in his flawed, but noteworthy book, any adversity can become strength, if you use it to learn and move on stronger. The current downturn in B2B PR is an opportunity for strategic realignment and we should take back our position at the heart of strategic marketing.

Agree or disagree violently? If you want to make a comment, feel free to do so or ReTweet if useful. For a quick and free chat about your B2B awareness strategy email directly to pmaher@positivemarketing.org.


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