Are you sitting comfortably? Well don’t

A consistent theme in Positive’s work, especially with technology start-ups, is Enthusiasm. As most of us in this cash-poor/brain rich sector know, Enthusiasm, can take you a long way, especially when informed by Expertise seasoned with Experience.

Enthusiasm is what drives audacious editorial pitches, cheeky Tweets and newsworthy press releases.

Expertise helps you rapidly pick up when your news falls flat – sometimes for no reason except timing.

Experience determines whether to keep on plugging away or move on fast. Nice work by Nokia this week for signalling it is coming back from the smartphone grave.

Two recent innovations emphasise the need to make that judgement call faster in tech marketing.

Firstly Google Instant, which some celebrated as the death knell of the SEO cult makes ‘the Recent’ as important as the relevant by speeding up searches by 270 milliseconds. Then Twitter, in a much-hyped announcement as an information discovery portal, took on Google as the launchpad for our web searches.

The upshot is that messaging needs to be ‘on the fly’, adapting to the Real Time moves of the market. Positive Marketing is mid-way through a branding exercise with a pre-launch telco start-up. Last week we needed to rapidly course-correct its slideware from ‘SaaS 2.0’ to Cloud 2.0 following the recent Cloudforce London event. If the market is moving on, we need to stay on it.

Marketing professionals, now need much more than a passing acquaintance with the latest state of the market to do their jobs. They need to be ON IT. This means paying close attention to the announcements, successes and failures of customers, partners and rivals, not necessarily to emulate them but to position your messages in context.

Speed clearly matters for successful positioning, which makes failing fast and moving on as important as being right first time. Being out-of-synch in this highly-connected, rapid-change environment is one sign you are in the wrong industry. Others include ‘cloudwashing’ your existing offerings, launching [market-leading product]-killers and taking market leadership for granted.

This is not easy stuff. But there are agencies and tools out there to help. Regarding help, email us for a copy of our soon-to-be-released report covering products from all the key players in Social Media monitoring tools.


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